Start Living an Extraordinary,
Empowered, Expansive and Enriched Life
Develop the ability to transmute limiting and self-defeating emotions, thoughts, behaviors and illnesses. You can free yourself from painful history and identification with your story or issue by learning how to heal trauma and early childhood attachment wounds.


It’s time for you to awaken to your own inner healer and core-self.


Hazel Williams-Carter was born in Dublin, Ireland, and came to the USA in her early 20’s. She now resides in West Los Angeles where she has a private practice specializing in treating the root causes of trauma, early childhood attachment wounds, anxiety, depression, transgenerational trauma, and the development of spiritual consciousness and empowerment. Her education experience provides her with more than twenty healing modalities to assist clients. Hazel has trained with the top medical professionals, neuroscientists, and specialists in the field of trauma and attachment repair.