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Depathologizing The Borderline Client By Richard Schwartz

Learning to Manage Our Fears Inevitably, given their history of trauma, many borderline clients will trigger their therapists from time to time. But forgoing the urge to blame these clients and taking responsibility for what’s happening inside you can become a turning point in therapy. I’ve specialized in treating survivors of severe sexual abuse for… Continue Reading

Mindsight by Dr. Siegal

The exciting thing about being in the field of clinical work, whether you’re working directly in the psychotherapy field, or even in various aspects of mental health related to psychotherapy, or even in the medical world, we’re in a moment now of making one if the most revolutionary findings from science, in particular from neuroscience,… Continue Reading

Attachment and Bonding

  1. INTRODUCTION AND OVERVIEW Attachment and bonding have been shown to be innate functions with an evolutionary adaptive role, which – like in all mammals – is to ensure survival of the species. Our culture values independence and autonomy, and relationship advice is often in contradiction with our evolutionary heritage and the neurobiological substrates of our nervous… Continue Reading




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