Healing of Indigos

Weaving Harmony
The Littlest Indigos
Spiritual Healing
Indigo Children
from birth to age seven
Indigo Children
are wise and wondrous souls.

They come into this earth still bathed in – and reflecting – the Light of the Divine. They long retain eternal knowledge and the “secrets” from the Other Side. They hold a vision of perfection. They still hold eternal and universal knowledge.

Yet, once here on earth, they are deeply pained by the great dissonance between the perfection they inherently know, and the wildly imperfect world they experience.

Our littlest ones – our children from birth to age seven – continually exhibit their wisdom and their understanding. Just as often, they “act out” their unhappiness and pain at being here.

They cry out for spiritual healing of their emotional wounds. But, children under the age of seven have not yet developed the cognitive abilities and skills to meaningfully participate in a spiritual healing session; and they are still connected to their parents by a “spiritual umbilical cord,” and do not have the full spiritual independence to act for themselves in bringing about spiritual healing.

And so, we offer GraceLight, Weaving Harmony for the Littlest Indigos, where a parent can act on behalf of the child to effect spiritual healing.


GraceLight is a spiritual healing process for children from birth to age seven, -effected for them by their parents – that softens the pain of their separation from the Divine; lessens their discomfort in Earth-existence; and nourishes their vision of a world of Oneness and perfection.

A GraceLight session takes no more than fifteen minutes, and can be done in person or by long distance.

Following a healing “script,” the parent acts on behalf of the child in the healing process.
After setting sacred space, balancing with Earth’s energy, invoking an Intention, and focusing on the child’s heart, the parent recites “Weaving the Harmony,” which calls in spiritual healing for the child.

The child will begin to feel relief from spiritual pain, and have the vision of world-perfection affirmed. The child’s light can now fully shine, and the child can celebrate his/her place as part of “all that is.”



In order to be effective, GraceLight, which is an “interim” healing, should be repeated every month until the child reaches age seven.

After having the first GraceLight session with a Facilitator, the parent receives a GraceLight Guidebook, so that the parent can personally conduct each monthly GraceLight session.
When the child reaches age seven, the parent should schedule a session of the 17: Spiritually healing Children’s Emotional Wounds, where the child will fully participate in the spiritual healing.

In this way, our Littlest Indigos – who too often have been without Voice – will be able to claim their Voice and their healing. They will be able to gaze at this world with undimmed eyes.



From the moment your children are born, often say to them, “Remember the secrets from the Other Side.” Then, when they are old enough, they may be able to tell you what they know.
As the veil between This Side and the Other Side becomes thinner and thinner, we will understand more of the secrets of the universe; and come closer to a world of perfection.

Our children will show us the way. And we can help them to remember!

To learn more about the principles and processes of Indigo spiritual healing and GraceLight, please read Spiritually Healing the Indigo Children (and Adult Indigos Too!) The Practical Guide and Handbook by Dr. Wayne Dosick & Ellen Kaufman Dosick

The Jodere Group ISBN 1-588712-088-8 available in bookstores and from amazon.com and visit the website www.soulbysoul.com

Spiritually Healing Children’s Emotional Wounds for Children age 7-17

A therapeutic process
Sourced in the world of the Spirit
That celebrates our children’s
Inherent knowing;
Brings life-changing transformation to their attitudes and behaviors
And affirms their soul-vision of
A perfect world.



Here’s what parents say about their children who played the YOUMEES:

• “Calmer…more independent.”
• “Less frustrated…more focused.”
• “Less prone to angry outbursts…”
• “More peaceful…lighter in mood.”
• “More loving…giving more hugs.”
• “Doing well on homework…more relaxed…in balance with himself.”
• “Growth in sense of self and self-confidence.”
• “More open…gets along better with brothers…less demanding… sweeter.”
• “Has not been hurtful toward friends.”
• “Less stressed…more laid back…”
• “It’s been a pleasure to be his mom.”
• “Talking more about feelings…less negativity…happier.”
• ”Much more responsive to family needs…shares…”
• “It has made us more gentle with one another.”



Especially those who are known as Indigo Children – are born as pure light channels of the Divine. They are filled with God’s light and love. They still hold eternal and universal knowledge.

The children being born now have a knowing and vision of a world of joyful and harmonious perfection.

Yet, once here on earth, they are deeply pained by the great dissonance between the perfection they inherently know, and the wildly imperfect world they experience.

While these children are most often described as ‘extremely bright,” “precocious,” and “wise beyond their years,” in their bewildered anguish, they often “act out” and don’t “fit in”. They often seem unhappy, angry, or depressed, and are often diagnosed as “learning disabled,” “hyperactive,” or “attention-deficient.”

Sometimes they are put in “special education” classes, taken from counselor to therapist, and, when all else fails, medicated with drugs.

At the same time, all our children experience emotional woundings – large and small – that come from living life with all its human interactions, with all its triumphs and its tragedies.

Our children are God’s gift to ever-expanding world consciousness. They deserve – they need – to be healed from their pain, and affirm for themselves, and for us, the Oneness of the universal soul.


THE 17

Almost everyone who tries to help heal our children does so on a cognitive, intellectual, rational level. Yet, the woundings to our children’s souls are on the emotional, spiritual level. They need to be healed energetically.

There are 17 emotional woundings that can afflict our children.

Left unhealed, these woundings can lead to physical and emotional pain, and antisocial behavior. At their worst, they can lead to children who do not know the difference between right and wrong; at their very worst, to children without conscience.

To transform negative behavior, we need to get to the source of the behavior. Picture this: if we drain water from a car battery, the car cannot move, because its power source is drained of its charge.

In the same way, if we “drain the energy” from a child’s emotional wounding, it no longer has the power charge, then:

• The wound has no energy
• The child can heal
• The negative behavior stops
• The flow of light and love is open

Our children’s emotional woundings can be spiritually, energetically, healed! Our children can be healthy and whole! Then, our children can lead us toward the perfect world they know and envision!



The way to drain the energy from each of the 17 woundings is by playing a little game – called a YOUMEE – designed for that particular wound.

The YOUMEE healings are for children from 7-17 years of age. They are played by the child and one parent or caretaker. A simple Illumination determines which woundings are present and thus, which YOUMEES are to be played. Each YOUMEE can be played in two or three minutes. A full, facilitated YOUMEE -playing session takes 60-90 minutes.

Spiritual healing is swift!

Parents report significant change in children’s attitudes and behavior as quickly as one to four weeks after playing the YOUMEES.

Three months after playing the YOUMEES, parent and child come to play the YOMEES again. At this second session, parent and child play the YOUMEE games for ALL the remaining woundings – the ones that were not Illuminated during the first session. At the conclusion of this second session, ALL 17 spiritual woundings will have been healed.



Each wounding is sourced in the separation from God and the bewilderment and pain that results.

  1. ANGER is a need to defend oneself, through attack, against the harshness of this-world experience
  2. GRIEF is weeping at the separation
  3. FEAR is the experience of being in danger because of being too small, “too little”
  4. DISTRUST is not being able to count on any reality as certain
  5. DESPAIR is giving up the connection to the breath of God
  6. ANGUISH is the belief in aloneness
  7. SHAME is being embarrassed in front of the whole cosmos
  8. INSECURITY is the experience of having no solid ground inside
  9. SELFISHNESS is the fear of coming out to interact with this-world experience
  10. LOSS is not being able to find one’s own heart
  11. PANIC is the experience of being suspended in mid-air, with nothing to grasp or hold onto
  12. INFERIORITY is the belief, “I’ll never be as good as God”
  13. HATRED is the experience of feeling as though one does not deserve re-union
  14. INDIGNATION is holding righteousness in response to the lack of dignity expressed for God’s creatures
  15. RESENTMENT is the wish that the world matches the inner vision
  16. JEALOUSY is wanting what the angels have
  17. GUILT is holding oneself responsible for the lack of perfection in the world





The Point of Essence Process Pro-Claiming the Truth Of Who You Are

• Strangers in a Strange Land
• Is life on this Earth painful for you?
• Do you ever feel as if you don’t belong here?
• Do you ever feel as if your inherent knowing is not acknowledged?
• Your intuitive wisdom is not honored?
• Your felt-sense of experience is not embraced?
• Almost no one understands or appreciates you?
• Do you ever feel as if you have been hiding your real self all your life?
• Do you ever feel as if even those closest to you do not know the real you?
• Do you think of yourself as a failure?
• Do you feel as if you never experience any real joy?
• Do you yearn for a place that feels like “home”?


You may be an ADULT INDIGO still carrying the spiritual wounds of childhood Indigos

Come to this Earth
retaining eternal knowledge;
remembering the secrets from
The Other Side;
holding the God-vision of a perfect world.
You were one of the first Indigos.
The World Was Not Ready for You


Few understood your unique worldview and your special gifts. So, in order to “get along,” to “make it” in this world, you had to “go along”. The only way you have been able to exist in this world is to deny the essence of your Being. You have had to deny the full truth of who you are. You had to hide away your true Self. You have had to cover your Light. You have had to shrink from your greatness.

For almost all your life, you have had to disclaim your Essence, your “I Am Presence,’ the “You-ness of You”.

You have felt the pain of the dissonance between your knowing and the everyday reality of a world that does not share your vision of perfection, and does not seem to understand, or appreciate, or honor you.

That pain has resulted in spiritual wounds that have been unrecognized and unhealed, and that you have carried from childhood into adulthood.

Those spiritual woundings can leave you feeling alienated, alone, a “failure;” discomforted and diseased with being in body and functioning on Earth.

There is a way to Spiritually Heal
Those Emotional Wounds!
The Point of Essence Process
Pro-Claiming the Truth of Who You Are
IsSpiritual healing for Adult Indigos
ThatUnblocks your lifetime’s constraints,
Restraints, and soul-suppressions;
Reconnects the “You-ness of You” with the Divine;
affirms the full truth of your Self
and the full expression of your Being;
allows you to reclaim your soul-purpose
and your soul-mission on Earth;
and helps to renew your vision of
a perfect world.



A Point of Essence session takes less than an hour. During the session, you encounter:



Which you unconsciously adopted so that you could function in this world, but which “dis-claimed” the real you. By “playing” 7 energetic-level ritual-games – a combination of gently movements and the Recitation of powerful statements – you replace The 7 Dis-Claimers with:



You Pro-Claim the Truth of Who You Are. You joyfully re-claim the “You-ness of You,” so that you can express your full Self, the full truth of your Being.

The Point of Essence process – Pro-Claiming the Truth of Who You Are – can lead to profound life-evolution and stirring soul-transformation.

The world is ready for you now! The world needs you and your vision now!

Pro-Claiming the Truth of Who You Are


1. CONFUSION – Not being clear who you are manifests in the 7th chakra – the top of the head. The Channel of Divine Light is fuzzy and diffused.

2. SEPARATION – Disconnection from God, and the bewilderment and pain that results, embodies and includes all The 17 Emotional Woundings of Childhood. Manifests in the 6th chakra – the third eye. The place of Vision, the Gateway to memory and experience of the Divine is blocked.

adult indigo3. DISAPPEARANCE – Hiding away; the belief of being invisible. Manifests in the 5th chakra – the throat. The voice, the place of expression, is shut down.

4. RESPONSIBILITY – When hindered from the free expression of Divine Love, that love morphs into a heavy sense of obligation for the well-being of the world. Manifests in the 4th chakra – the heart, the place where Infinite Love is blocked or flows freely.

5. NUMBNESS – Being “dead” inside. Manifests in the 3rd chakra – the solar-plexus. The place of personal light and power, the center of life force, is blocked, and all is ashes.

6. HELPLESSNESS – Not being able to make a difference. Manifests in the 2nd chakra – the intestines, the “guts,” the womb. The place of creativity is disconnected from the Infinite and from the Self.

7. JUDGEMENT – Verdict of failure heard from the Self and the World. Manifests in the 1st chakra – the very bottom of the spine – the place of sitting; some say, it moves down toward the ankles. Not having a place of safety when all is lost.

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